A festival of delicious treats, beautiful costumes and dazzling lights, it's always a time of great fun during Hari Raya. But beyond that Hari Raya marks the end of Ramadan, a 1-month fast that muslims go on for repentance.


Not all of us are Muslims, but repentance and reflection in our lives is something we all need to do. Children can you think of some of the wrong things you have done recently? If you can, you should apologise to anyone you hurt, tell the truth if you have been keeping it a secret or maybe try and amend your wrongs.

This Hari Raya Puasa, let's spend some time to think about our lives.

Selemat hari raya

Last Seen : 24th MAY 2020


Urban Steps is a Dance Academy founded by Joyful Steps & Rhythm to promote the joy of dance and step into the digital age of urban dance. We conduct 3 distinct channels of dance; Urban Juniors, Urban Lifestyles and Academy of Urban Dance.


Urban Steps is a great place for parents to send their kids to learn Hip Hop dance and kpop dance; A safe environment where fun and excitement can be found. 

We conduct a range of dance classes including Hip Hop dance class, Kpop Dance class, Funk Dance Class, Street Jazz Dance class, lyrical Hip hop dance class and many others. 


what's more!

We have dance classes suitable for all ages, such as dance class for toddlers, dance class for kids, dance class for teens and you could even book us for a session to host your private dance event. If you are searching for a hip hop dance class in Bukit Timah, look no further and book a dance class right now with Urban Steps.

As Kpop dance in Singapore is growing hotter, Urban Steps is opening up more dance classes in Bukit Timah and Rocherster Mall for everyone. Whether it is a beginner dance class or a holiday dance programme, Urban Steps is ready to go all out for our fellow dancers as we nurture the next generation of dance.



Urban juniors

A 3 months  HIP HOP dance programme that explores the musicality of dance.

In this short course, the young ones will be encouraged to learn and demonstrate different creative Hip Hop movements accompanied by the basic foundation of musicality.

Urban Lifestyles

A 3 months dance course that amplifies our love for dance as lifestyle choice.


Rather than ploughing through a gruelling training programme, “Urban Lifestyles” is here to keep dance fun and energizing, allowing us to enjoy the moments most precious to us.

Academy of Urban Dance


A 3 years dance curriculum that nurtures interest, knowledge and talent in dancers.


Academy students will build a strong foundation in dance across the dance genres of East Coast Street Styles (including Hip Hop),

Popular dances (such as (Kpop),

Performance Dance

(not limited to Street Jazz, Lyrical dance, Jazz Funk)

and West Coast Funk.


Upon graduation, Academy students will be required to present their very own dance choreography on stage examined by a judging panel.



june 2019

daddy dance with me

Urban Steps Soft Launch




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