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Dance Thoughts

by US  

Active Dance Therapy

Ever wonder how the meaning of life is built? Well, I say it is done via the bonds forged with the people around you. 

And Dance is a great way to do so. Not just how well you perform but how it helps you interact with others and yourself.

Do it with

the Growth Mindset.




Collaborative Dance Events

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Aspects of Dance

Discovering a Lifestyle in Sports

Urban Steps Dance Sports

Dance is all about

Rhythm in Motion.

A foundation in Dance greatly promotes our ability to develop our Sporting Skills.

It is all in the

Weight, Lines & Timing

Stepping into the World of Dance

Urban Steps Street Dance

Dance is Timeless.

It is a Cultural embodiment of its People, their Arts and their Motivation.

Dance transcends

Race, Language or Religion.

Love and Competition

fuels the Passion of Dancers bringing them together from all over the world.

Urban Steps Open Style Dance

Shining Fashionably

Everyone of us is blessed with certain talents which enable us to perform exceptionally in that field.

Those blessed with the gift of natural movement of Dance has our journey in the performance area kickstarted. 

It is our burning passion that will shine brightly in darkness. We must become the light that guides & inspires others to do the impossible, creating that unique meaningful life to those around us, especially if they are Family.

Moving into Stardom

Urban Steps Pop Dance

Dance is a professional career that sharpens our ability to survive. It connects us to an International Network of Superstar Personalities. 

Dance is a form of Empowerment to go beyond our limits, be it physically, mentally or spiritually.

The path to stardom is enduring one which only the elites can achieve. Beneath all the glamour, what is left to uncover are the layers of character values  and endless training that each Star performer has poured their determination into establishing.

Are you Ready to Move into Stardom and Light up the stage?

Building Families through Dance
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Our Approach

We believe that Relationships are key in making our lives meaningful, particularly those we find in "Family". 

At Urban Steps, we foster such precious connections with our U.R.B.A.N. philosophy and practice. 

                          U - Understand

                          R  - Relate

                          B - Bond

                          A - Appreciate

                          N - Navigate / Negotiate

Education is the nurturing of knowledge and wisdom. 

Here, we do this by applying our S.T.E.P.S. Pedagogy.


                            S - Sequence

                            T  - Timing

                            E - Expression

                            P - Power

                            S - Synchronize

To learn more about how we build families through dance  with U.R.B.A.N. philosophy, reach out to US.

We welcome you with open arms.

Building Families through Dance

Student/Parent Gallery

The International Nature Loving Association INLA Chen Xi  Urban Steps

The International Nature Loving Association

- Chen Xi -