We believe that relationships are very precious especially those between parent and child. 

As we encounter Center for Fathering and their Dads For Life movement, we are inspired by their mission to Empower More Fathers To Be Better Role Models and be an Enduring Inspiration To Their Children.

In Support of Center for Fathering and their Dads For Life, Urban Steps is ready to step up and play our part in building stronger bonds between Father and Child by adding a mix of Music and Dance in Creating Everlasting Memories.

In Conjunction with the "Celebrating Fathers" Campaign, Urban Steps introduces our First "Daddy Dance With Me" Workshop. 
This Father/Child bonding session is Designed for the Daddy Duo to simply Groove to the music and bust out a few of their unique bathroom moves with the help of our Dance Coach. This is a time to Build Chemistry and Show Off your Teamwork. 

Fun is the key to Everlasting Memories.
So to reward our Daddy Duo Teams, we are hosting a mini-dance contest with Celebrity and Guest Judges to present them with prizes, phototaking and event certificates.

Bring all your family and friends to support them.

Every child can't resist the hype and opportunity to move to the beat. 
So Sign Up Now!